and the winner is…

for some it’s the Super Bowl. for some it’s the World Series. for some it’s the Grammys. and for some it’s the Oscars. it is with the last group that i have comfortably taken my seat as i do believe i have found my “thing.”

and while i should really take a moment to discuss the evening’s winners (don’t get me started on Colin Firth & The King’s Speech — LOVE)…i’ll just say i was very pleased with the evening’s results & leave it at that.

now let’s get on to the DRESSES. and hallelujah, for the first time throughout the entire awards show season there were actually dresses to like! darling Jordan and I had our on little pre-show red carpet critique & coincidentally agreed across the board.

here. we. go.

Mila received the first gasp of the evening. love the lavender. love the mini train.

Cate…oh my Givenchy, the detailing on this dress is insane & the unexpected pop of yellow on the back is magnificent — i do believe it was my personal favorite of the night!

Gwyneth…despite the awkward little brooch at the hip & the fact that it doesn’t photograph super well,  this dress was fierce.

Hilary…there were mixed feelings on this one at first in regards to the “feathers.”  but when she walked out on stage to present Jordan and I both proclaimed ‘ahhh, that dress!’ and subsequently solidified it as one of our favorites.

Natalie…best color of the evening goes to the now Academy Award Winner, Ms. Portman. positively perfect plum.

Hailee…an absolute doll & so wonderfully age appropriate. and although you can’t really see them, her shoes were faaabulous.

and now, if you would so kindly allow it, one final honorable mention for the male gender…

Justin…dearest JT, we totally have teeny-bopper crushes on you. love J & M.

pretty dresses. incredible movies. swell times.

ps: Jordan & I vote Sandra Bullock to host in 2012. who’s with us?

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