Feel-good Friday: it happened again…

yikes. i completely and totally dropped the ball on this week’s batch of feel-goods…i mean technically it’s already a new week. may i repeat: yikes.

alas, though they may be a little late, they have arrived. enjoy.

three things: 1) gray/white polka dot wallpaper. 2) table on wheels. 3) white-wood floors. love, love & love

free space: the Free People offices in Philadelphia have a vibe i’m loving. marvelous industrial windows &  balloons.

Crow’s nest: somewhere in the Hollywood Hills, Sheryl Crow has a lovely little home…mmmk, maybe it’s not so little.

that bike & those pendant lightbulbs...oh, those lightsbulbs.

digging the torn chair...

Ms. Crow doesn't strike me as the "pretty & pink" type. but i like.

you scream, i scream: it’s all about the ice cream. i love the idea of this giant cone framed and hung. and may i point out the random sock-feet sticking out at the bottom…they tickle my tummy.

face time: how stinkin adorable is this sweet little wedding cake?

glitter baby: i loved this picture from Sue’s work shop of her hands covered in glitter…i’m also quite smitten with her starlette crown & would love one to wear with summer dresses (:

key to the future: i might have a new love in life…skeleton keys.

flash dance: i have a thing for flash mobs (remember the food court?), especially those involving a very eclectic mix of dance moves! props, T-Mobile, props.

cheers to a marvelous week, friends!

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