birthday lovin’: my Buzz.

on March 2, 1988, Warren and Patty introduced two plump little babies to this beautiful thing called life…one of those babies was my brother, my twin, my Buzz.

throughout my life people have asked me time and time again: do you like being a twin? and  though i never have, i’ve always wanted to answer their question with a question of my own: do you like not being a twin? perhaps you think hmmm, that’s a silly question Madison and i would completely agree, but you must then understand that for me the first question is even sillier.

do i like being a twin? —  i don’t know what it is to not be a twin. i don’t know what it’s like to not have your twin in your classes growing up. i don’t know what it’s like to get your permit & driver’s license without your twin getting his right along with you. i don’t know what it’s like to not sit beside your twin on graduation day or receive your diploma right behind him. i don’t know what it’s like to have a birthday without sharing it with your twin. i don’t know what it’s like to not be a twin & never ever in a million years would i change it.

i am Jonathan’s twin sister and that’s a permanent fact…and a fact that still boggles my mind. for every single second that i have been alive, my Buzz has been right there with me — that’s crazy, right? i could start now and write for days on end about how comforting it was to have my brother in all of my classes growing up; how hilarious it was to ride with him in the backseat of a driver’s ed car desperately trying not to explode in laughter; how priceless it was to sit beside him under a Carolina blue sky as we officially became alumni of our beloved UNC. and then there are the concerts and movies and road trips…summer days and snow days and Christmas mornings…quiet moments,  profound conversations and times when i thought my sides would burst from laughing…all of them too numerous to count.

i could go on and on and on, and still it would mean nothing to you because you simply don’t know what it’s like to be a twin…and for the few of you who are a twin yourself, i’m sorry, but you don’t know what it’s like to be my Buzz’s twin.

Buzz, you are my “other half” and i am blessed beyond words to be your twin. it has been the greatest of privileges to share each and every step of life with you thus far and the road ahead promises to be even better. thank you for being a constant source of encouragement and support, for teaching me what it means to be genuine and devoted, for standing up for me & always being in my corner, and for making me laugh like no one else. thank you also for always making up your own lyrics to every song, for loving cereal just as much as i do, and for letting me sleep on an air-mattress at the foot of your bed for two months.

in short: thank you for being my best friend.

happy birthday, my wonderful Buzz, it’s been an amazing 23 years! missing you & our chocolate chip cookie cake so very much today…                                                       love forever & always, Miss. Buzz and Miss

5 responses to “birthday lovin’: my Buzz.

  1. teared up on that one 🙂 love u both

  2. What a beautiful duo.. you are both so precious to so many people… so beautiful as individuals and giving your own special meaning to sibling love… thanks for sharing your heart. Hearing the closeness you share would make almost anyone wish to have a twin. Aunt Wobin

  3. When the two of you entered the world my hope was that you would share a close and loving relationship. It warms this mother’s heart to know that 23 years later my “Miss” and “Lad” are closer than ever. Leaving you in day care was easier because I left you together. Leaving you the first day of kindergarten was easier because I left you together. Watching you walk down the sidewalk to your first day of high school was easier because you walked together. Life AS a twin I will never know. Life WITH twins – PRICELESS! I have said it before; please allow me to say it again – you and your twin have brought tremendous JOY to our lives and we are BLESSED!

  4. Kelly Vanderburg

    As I wipe away the tears, I remember the day you both were born, coming for visits in the little brown house, watching you learn to crawl and walk. You both were, are, and will always be so precious to me. I’ve met other twins, but none like the two of you. I can’t type all that I admire about each of you, but I am so proud to call you my cousins. You’ve gone from adorable babies, to sweet kids, to great teenagers, into young adults with such bright futures. Can’t wait to watch all that the future holds for you both! Love you and miss you both so much!!! Kel

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