oh my stars…

someone is ready for the weekend and that someone is M.E.

after a week full of 13 hr days, i’m looking forward to a very low-key (perhaps some might think “boring”) weekend. sleeping in, sipping tea, watching a certain gameclears throat — and giving the ‘ol blog some much needed love and attention! so many fantastic “gems” have piled up in my inspiration que and it’s high time for me to kindly dump a few in your lap (:

starting with this week’s Feel-good Friday post tentatively slated to arrive later this evening or first thing tomorrow (i know, i know…these weekend batches are getting to be  a habit).

in the meantime, i’m a wee bit giddy with excitement over a few things.

1) i finally got to see the beautiful faces of my mom & dad AND my brothers & Lauren last night via 2 Skype birthday chats. it was the first time i’ve laid eyes on any of them since moving to Nashville 6.5 weeks ago…talk about a serious shot of JOY. i was a cheeseball of smiles and loved every. single. second. of my “face time” with my precious family…seriously, i could gush about them for days! [incredible amounts of gratitude to Rachel for letting me hijack her computer for an hour & Lauren for picking up a cookie cake for the Raleigh siblings!]

2) i just booked a flight home to NC for the first weekend in April — which in and of itself is not all that exciting — BUT it just so happens a certain best friend of mine is going to be waiting at the airport! EEEEEEEKKKKK!!!! (and no, all caps comes no where close to capturing my excitement!!!) i haven’t seen my darling Chelsea since Sept. 14th so this reunion will be nothing short of EPIC.

3) and while we’re on the topic of this forthcoming EPIC reunion, it only makes sense for me to share the following delightfully cute invite. a portion of the weekend in NC will be spent showering Chels with gifts and lots of girl time at her non-traditional bachelorette party. the oober fabulous Erin & I are co-hosting and these DARLING invites were exactly what we were looking for! Kellie of Two Pooch Paperie was awesome to work with and i’m obsessed with her entire collection!

we tweaked colors & wording a bit...but it's still every bit this cute!

4) speaking of flights and trips, i’ll leave you now with these wonderfully whimsical Live the Language videos of Paris & London…ahhh to jet across the pond for a visit with Eiffel and Ben. (courtesy of Education First)

catch you later, alligator? yes, please.

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