Tuesday Tunes: Eliza Doolittle.

Eliza Doolittle…now if that isn’t an all*star name, I don’t know what is. Hailing from the land of falling bridges & double decker buses, Ms. Doolittle has a little flare about her that i quite like, not to mention those killer vocals. And for a weekend marked with gray skies and rain on the roof, Eliza’s soulful & spunky tunes were the perfect reminder that spring is just around the corner…

Her self-titled full-length album hits the US market later this month — i for one will be on the look-out — but for now, a little love from her EP + a few YouTube gems!

Pack Up: with a little help from the brass section and a soul-shouting friend, this tune lends an ear to the swing style & big bands of the 1940s. please do go ahead and do a little jig in your seat…it’s hard not to!

Rollerblades: just in case you need proof of her pipes’ capabilities, have a listen. [note: the sound on this one is super low…adjust your V accordingly!]

Yellow: it’s not an easy task to take on Chris Martin — but sister holds her own, especially with that opening verse. get it.

Baby: it is the year 2011 and utterly impossible to escape the Biebs. Eliza takes Bieber’s crooning pop song in a whole new direction…

doo yourself a favor & listen to a little Eliza today.

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