birthday lovin’: sweet Ceej.

this is by far the most difficult birthday lovin’ i’ve ever done. i’ve been staring at my computer for the last twenty minutes trying to figure out where in the world to start when it comes to Carly Brantmeyer. and no, it’s not at all that there aren’t words to be written…trust me, i could write a book about the two of us…the problem you see is that i can’t seem to find words worthy enough to describe my Ceej, she’s simply that amazing.

i could tell you about the first time we met, how i remember no major details from that day whatsoever but i could tell you exactly what Ceej was wearing…in essence, she had me from hello.

i could tell you about the time we painted the shower curtain in our suite one Sunday evening “just because” we had a creative whim & an hour to kill…she was and still is a huge part of my creative spirit.

i could tell you about the time we were pulling an all-nighter studying for exams (we both had 2 the next day) and in a moment of frustrated exhaustion we turned off the lights in the study lounge, laid side-by-side on the floor & held our own little worship service…she has always been my rock.

i could tell you about all the times she’s been out of the country & how the sight of her name in my Inbox would alter my entire day. though separated by continents and seas, her written words had a way of melting away the miles…she holds a piece of my heart wherever she goes.

i could tell you about late night heart-to-hearts, Pink hoodies & Dove dark chocolates. i could tell you about New Years Eves, Build-a-Bears & popcorn balls. i could tell you about photography adventures, escapades in Belize & microwave s’mores. i could tell you what it’s like to watch her make priceless moments come to life in photos, to see her be so passionate about things she forgets to go to sleep, &  to see her love life so much that she physically radiates joy.

i could tell you all of this & pages more, and yet it would come no where close to capturing the gorgeous spirit of my Ceej. those blessed to spend even a few minutes with her leave changed by her incredible outlook on life. those blessed to spend a little longer with her find themselves dreaming bigger, laughing harder, loving more. and those select few of us beyond blessed to call her best friend will simply never be the same…her impact is permanent & life before she entered it is merely but a memory.

my beautiful, extraordinary, precious Ceej…you leave me speechless. if words could express how much i wish i could be with you right now, i would write them. if words could express how incredibly grateful i am  to be a part of your life, i would put them to paper. if only there were words.

happy 23rd birthday to one of this life’s most treasured gifts! sending you pancakes & confettie cake, Post-It notes & walls of words, abundant joy & quiet moments, and all the beautiful things that fill your life with goodness.

there’s a place in my heart forever reserved for you.

endless love & then some, Patad.

in the beginning...

sophomore style...candyland twins (:

THE reunion of the century.

senior love.

senior love & christmas cookies.

the future Mrs. Mask.

kisses for the future Mrs. Mask (:

and oh so much more to come…bliss.

3 responses to “birthday lovin’: sweet Ceej.

  1. Love love love this and totally agree! She is truly incredible and one-of-a-kind for sure! You are too girl! Miss and love to you both!

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