Feel-good {weekend}: i heart sunshine.

things i have loved so far this weekend:
1.) a VICTORY for my Tar Heels.
2.) a long walk outside under a cloudless sky.
3.) an even longer phone date w. my Rooms.
4.) wandering around Target…it’s one of my favorite places.
5.) snacking on a bowl of Fruit Loops (:
6.) sunshine. sunshine. sunshine.
7.) a cup of tea + a chick flick.
8.) a new batch of feel-goods!

now about #8…let’s get started.

plates & presidents: in July 2009 artist John Holcomb began releasing a presidential portrait each week…the american history lover in me adores them. then Holcomb had another brilliant idea: “The United Plates.” quirky, artistic, wonderful.

i have a street, city or county in every state with my name on it thanks to our fourth president!

warm apple pie a la mode...my state is the sweetest.

la droguerie: French for ‘the drugstore,” this little shop in Paris spotted over on Oh Happy Day is too perfect…i mean seriously, how marvelous are those jars of colorful beads.

letters of love: i’m quite positive i have used more stamps in the last two months than i have in my entire life, so i shouldn’t be surprised at myself for getting just a smidge excited about this new Garden of Love collection set to come out mid May. after all, it’s the little things…right?

tour de food: Joy & Bob from Oh Joy recently took a few of their out-of-town friends on a mini food tour of LA. i would argue the picture collage Joy created of their tummy tour is as equally delicious…

put it in the bag: breezy dress + strappy sandals + this bag on my arm…spring stuff…and HOLD THE PHONE! the straps are adjustable thanks to cute little button snaps. genius.

black, white & splatter: be still my heart…obsessed with this cabinet. Jan over at Poppytalk compared it to the work (albeit a bit more minimalistic) of one of my favorites, Jackson Pollock, and i couldn’t agree more!

Jackson Pollock, Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist),1950, National Gallery of Art.

head shot: might you remember my lovely Ceej who celebrated a birthday earlier this week? she was recently able to be a part of some of Apple’s “guided tours” for the new iPad 2 — that’s her pretty head sitting on the couch in the intro & her sweet hands playing Fruit Ninja (:  yep, she’s kind of a big deal…

someone like you: Adele’s voice is stunning. plain and simple. and i find this video of her at home in her sun-tinged studio so very very soothing.

now off to add more lovely things to my weekend love list…i hope you do the same!

One response to “Feel-good {weekend}: i heart sunshine.

  1. You would really love the book Im reading Madison… A Thousand Gifts by Amy Voskamp… check out her site at http://www.aholyexperience.com. The book is simply amazing!

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