Tuesday Tunes: Adele.

seeing as that Adele has been  the name on tongues around the globe & at the top of the charts for the last month, it’s likely a majority of you have already spent some time with her latest release 21 — if you’re not one of those in the aforementioned majority, welcome to the party.

Adele is a force of nature and without a doubt one of the female vocalist of this generation (and perhaps generations to come)…i’ll simply let her voice do the talking.

Set Fire to the Rain: every single element of this song is brilliant.

He Won’t Go: notes of old-school R&B…love.

Don’t You Remember: backed by only ebonies and ivories…holy moly. 

Turning Tables: absolutely. positively. effortless.

so. flippin’. good.

and when i think about Adele I can’t help but think of Josh & Katee’s routine by Mia Michaels…my introduction to the powerhouse two years ago. the first 40 seconds are  perfection.

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