oh me, how i do love a “nook.”

since i was a kid i’ve been creating my own little spaces to tuck away in…a pillow pallet behind a door, a “cave” on the bottom bunk in my dorm room. now that i think about it, perhaps that’s why i love my tiny little converted “studio” bedroom here in Nashville so much. yes, it really is tiny. yes, it really was a former studio complete with soundproofing blocks still on 1/2 the walls. it’s my quintessential nook & i adore it.

but i’ll be quick to admit i’m head over heels for this light & airy space, and THAT RUG…gracious.

if i bring my own cup of tea, can i hide away here all day & read…please?

One response to “nook.

  1. The rug is a WOW – reminds me of the lace doilies and Mamaw Hattie!!!!

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