Feel-good Friday: march madness.

it’s that time of year again…college basketball fanatics have filled out their brackets & have since remained glued to television sets across the country watching the madness unfold. though i may not be the biggest fanatic, i have joined the madness this year with a bracket of my own. a few victories and a few heartbreaks have my end success currently up in the air…it seems only time will tell (:

and while we have the time, a new batch of fun-filled things awaits!

green with envy: this dress is a whole new kind of gorgeous…wow & wow.

au natural: water-based and non-toxic,  Scotch Naturals polish is also  pretty for one’s tips & toes.  [fave colors: flying scotsman & highland fling]


hobnail + cake: a lot of hobnail glass has been popping up in my perusals around the Internet…perhaps it’s making a comeback? loving this pretty little cake stand (and that cake!) and candy compote from Sweet & Saucy — they remind me of candy dishes my Mamaw Hattie had (:

cargo collective: Minnesota designer and entrepreneur Tyler Pemberton has a pretty stellar portfolio…have a look for yourself here.

construction tape: using only colored flagging tape, installation designer Megan Geckler creates some pretty amazing displays…not to mention eye-catching. she recently took over space 15 twenty in LA, home of urban outfitters, and left behind an awesome neon creation. 

book it: and while we’re on the topic of awesome installations…how about this amazing tower of books currently on exhibit at building 543 in philadelphia. stacked in such a way as to create spiraling rainbow of color, i might just love books even more now. (ps:  i’m ready for a road-trip, Hales!)

reppin’ Carolina: please allow me a few minutes to revel in my passion for all things Carolina — there are few things in life i love more than being a Tar Heel. the Clef Hangers recently released a little rap track from their upcoming spring album & it has me smiling the whole way through…to all the folks out there who haven’t got a clue, just know the sky’s the limit…Carolina blue.

cheers to the madness that is march!

One response to “Feel-good Friday: march madness.

  1. Bring it on, Maddie dear, bring it on.

    (the road trip that is).

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