though we have never met in person, i believe my friend larisa and i are cut from a very similar cloth…i’m quite the fan of her outlook on life. a few weeks back i found a note in my inbox from her with a link to this page attached. 70 “take your breath away photos,” — i was intrigued. i proposed larisa go through the batch of 70 and select her favorite 10 & i would do the same — wouldn’t you know, 6 of our 10 were the same.

on the same page.

a difference of opinions.

larisa likes twinkle & i like spills.

larisa likes fur & i like wrinkles.

dearest L, i’m glad we’re sorta, kinda friends (:

ps: ms. larisa is currently working on a guest blog post of her own…stay tuned for her fabulous words!

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