Thursday Tunes: sample platter.

i have the tendency to get sucked into a single artist or album and play it constantly for a week or so before moving on to the next.  i’ve tried to break the habit a few times and switch things up, but it’s how i’m wired and that’s that. however, this week i’ve found myself doing a bit more bouncing around between artists and i’m digging the change in pace. below is a sampling of sorts of a few songs in my current rotation…

at first glance you might think City & Colour is a multi-member band…you would be wrong. a one-man show, Dallas Green created City & Colour as a play on his name…a city & a color. brilliant. i heard his song “The Girl” well over a month ago and still find myself listening to it all. the. time.

picture this: the closing scene of a movie. your handsome heartthrob is seated behind the wheel of a classic hot rod, window down & brooding eyes hidden behind dark shades. the camera zooms out and said heartthrob drives off towards the horizon line, growing increasingly smaller until his car disappears into the setting sun —- Trent Dabb’s “Leave to See” is your soundtrack.

a bluesy baseline + snapping fingers = my kind of tune. “The Diamond Street Church Choir” by The Gaslight Anthem is perfect for late evening cruising.

happy thursday, friend.

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