a team like this.

adam lucas is one of my favorite writers, due in large part  to the fact that his favorite subject just so happens to be my tar heels. sunday’s heartbreaking loss to kentucky proved another prime time for lucas’ words to remind us once again why there’s nothing finer than to love Carolina.

and as always, his words perfectly echo the sentiments of tar heels across the nation. below is one of my favorite paragraphs…though i highly recommend reading the full article here: A Team Like This.

What we loved about this team was the unselfish way they played Carolina Basketball…the way we most fondly remembered it. Now, they had another link to that history. James Worthy felt this way in 1981. Eric Montross in 1991. Sean May in 2004. Tyler Hansbrough in 2008. At that exact moment, it felt like it would never go away. Soon enough, it was washed away by confetti. The challenge is to forget that feeling while never forgetting that feeling. Just before the Tar Heels ran out of the locker room in the 2009 Final Four (one game before winning a national championship), Bobby Frasor said just a few words: “Remember what it felt like last year.”

our boys will remember & they’ll be better for it. and when the confetti falls next year on Carolina blue jerseys…     oh baby, what a beautiful sight that will be.

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