Tuesday Tunes: Mockingbird Sun.

dear friends, i. am. pumped. one of my favorite people in all the world agreed to do a guest post for this week’s Tuesday Tunes — and better yet, it’s coming in a two-part package. a double dose of goodness, is there anything better? i think not.

my darling Kelly attended the Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors concert last week in Raleigh & i saw them here in Nashville a few days later — after hearing her talk about the show, I knew she had to be the one to write about it.

her guest-post for Drew will come tomorrow, but today she sent along a little teaser…a lovely little write-up about the gentlemen who kicked off the show, Mockingbird Sun. these guys were SO MUCH FUN…i think you’ll soon agree


Hello dear readers of the most delightful blog out there!  KD here. I’m so honored to have been asked by the wonderful Maddie to bring you this week’s “Tuesday Tunes.” However, I will be bringing it …on Wednesday or Thursday! Until then, here’s a little pre-show:

I was just introduced to Mockingbird Sun when they opened for Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors in Raleigh last week. When I got to the venue, I was exhausted and not feeling all that well. Well thank goodness for these charming Nashville boys. Before they even spoke into the microphone, their southern charm had the crowd in the palm of their hand.. Within seconds they drew people from the back of the venue to the front of floor like a moth to a flame. They certainly set a tone for the rest of the evening. My friends, Amelia, Melissa and I couldn’t help but be sucked in too and took our turn doing a few dosey does. I caught myself beaming under the influence of their sweet, hopeless romantic, back porch, good-times vibe. The cares of the day melted quickly into the floor as I tapped my boots to the djimbe beats, banjo pickin and mandolin strums.  Each member showed a little bit of his own personality to the crowd and seemed utterly thrilled just to be there. They remind me of a good mix between the singer-song writer, indy scene (NeedtoBreathe meets Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors) and the slightly mainstream (feel-good country of Zac Brown; contemplitive, simple life nostalgia of Lady Antebellum). I loved their song Redemption Road & the idea of being caught between the road and home; I somehow very much relate to that feeling. The melancholy melody blended with the pedal steel guitar had me swooning with all sorts of emotion. Mockingbird Sun is sure to start gaining some attention on this tour – I can’t wait to hear more from them and to see them on the rise. Oh, and I’m buying their album/EP… I’m ready to see them headline!

and one last note: another thing I loved about these fellas is that they seemed truly honored and humbled to be a part of the “Chasing Someday” tour.  Throughout  the Drew Holcomb set they could be found watching from the wings, cheering and supporting their tour buddies. They seem like the kind of guys you could just sit down and chat with over a good brew. Thanks for a great time boys!

Redemption Road: love the fields, windmill & Texas vibe…and the song, of course.

Sun Drop Girl: A song called “Sun Drop Girl” ?! YES PLEASE! One of a few songs of theirs with NC ties. What more could you ask for in a southern,summer-time song?!


thank you KD & Mockingbird Sun for making me crave the Sun Drop slushies of my childhood…at only $1 a pop (subsequent brainfreeze was free) i was an easy child to please. oh to be a kid again…

stay tuned for part 2 of Kelly’s post tomorrow!

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