my darling friend Rachel is picking me up in 12 hrs to take me to the airport– North Carolina, HERE. I. COME. — have i showered yet? have i packed?

that would be a no and a no. you see, i’ve had far more important things to do…well really, only one…and that was a skype date w. Jenna & Janae. we laughed, we vented, we made funny faces…oh yes, Jenna also showed me her headstand.

my friend is cooler than yours.

these two bring so much joy to my life it’s unreal. how is it that i’ve only known them for 5ish months and yet they feel like two of my oldest friends? totally a God thing.

not a bad view for a Friday night...wink.

i’ll be spending the rest of the night overwhelmed with gratitude that i get to know them for the rest of my life. J & J, i’ll be seeing your gorgeous faces so SOON!!!

ok. must go shower. must go pack. hasta la vista.

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