style your scarf — fashionABLE love.

before i say anything else, this first: go read Kelly’s amazing write-up about Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors…go on now, scroll down a bit & get to reading!

Drew & Ellie are the newest artists to sign on with the Mocha Club in serving the beautiful people of Africa — and might i just say they are doing a stellar job of sharing MC across the country!! — but that’s not all, these two are pulling double duty and also sharing about MC’s latest venture fashionABLE.

Ellie has so graciously agreed to wear a fashionABLE scarf each night in support of the incredible women in Ethiopia who make them. i must admit i couldn’t wipe the cheeseball grin off my face last weekend when i watched as she showed off her Gray Meselu from stage — it is such an honor to be a part of the fashionABLE team & what a privilege it was to see Ellie do such a wonderful job sharing the fashionABLE mission with everyone in attendance!

earlier this week us gals in the office found ourselves trying to figure out exactly how Ms. Ellie had styled her scarf for the Neighbors concert at Exit/In — after watching us attempt to figure it out for 5 mins, Barrett finally suggested he simply give Ellie a call and ask her.

not only did Ellie share her secret, she also provided a little visual aid — i give you the “Ellie Twist.

fashionABLE rocks. Ellie rocks.
i think it’s time you go get yourself a scarf so you can rock too.

{scarves can be found here:}

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