{eye candy} batch five.

i realized recently i have quite the long list of “pretty pictures” currently being stored on my desktop…so time to clear a little space & share a little (eye) candy love.

shall we begin?

bright eyes: i adore janele monae’s style. her bouffant-eqsue faux hawk is pretty perfect.

old school: cassette tape + 3D tape = cool art.

plum love: finger nail polish love. and about that key ring…

pastels: out of all the supplies in my high school art room, pastels were my absolute favorite…chalky, smooth & easy to blend, i often had powder from my fingers to my shoulders. oops.

pit-stop: 18-wheelers + jean vest + evening dress…who would have thought?

black swan: a little ballet love in black and white. stunning.

brick by brick: i can only imagine what it must be like to walk down the sidewalk, glance up & see this. beyond gorgeous…

old friend: i love how the icy whites and silvers feel oddly warm…

pretty lady: love the hair. love the collar. love the hint of sparkle. lots of love.

umbrelievable: people sing in the rain, so why not dance under umbrellas?

up, up & away: along with light bulbs and clothes pins, my latest love is for all things balloons…they’re just so quiet and peaceful, don’t you agree?

tree house: i’ll take a tree with my living room, please…ridiculously wonderful.

one more dress: obsessed with the back of this beauty…wowzers.

desktop space now cleared; ready & waiting to be filled again. cheers.

One response to “{eye candy} batch five.

  1. Love the outfit, love the nail polish, love the belt, love those RINGS but most of all I am lovin me some UMBRELLAS! Tuck that idea away please!

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