a special silver day.

on April 12, 1986 a lovely bride walked down the aisle to meet her handsome groom at the altar — all in attendance knew they were a beautiful match. and although we weren’t in attendance that April afternoon when Patty & Warren said “i do,” 25 years later we are humbled and blessed to say our Mom & Dad are still a beautiful match.

as husband and wife you have shown us the incredible depths and intricacies of love — the respect, the grace, the compromise, and the selflessness it takes to love and love wholeheartedly. as mom and dad your love for each other has overflowed into your love for us, enriching our lives beyond measure. words fail to express the joy and gratitude this precious day of celebration brings! Happy 25th Anniversary!!

our love knows no end,
Miss & Lad

we are family.

unless you've got days upon days to listen, i'd advise you not ask me how much i love my mom & dad (and twin).

One response to “a special silver day.

  1. Just as I expected – tissues needed. Thank you dear daughter for your lovely words. On to 50!!!!!!

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