a tale of two weekends: part 1.

we shall call this chapter “the missed flight.

if you’ll recall two weekends ago, i was obnoxiously excited to be heading back to NC for a few days — you can take the girl out of Carolina, but there’s no taking the Carolina out of the girl. it was the first time i would be seeing my brothers in nearly 3 months as well as my reunion with Chels after her being gone for over 6 months. the definition of excited…yeah, that was me.

so excited in fact that i somehow managed to miss my original flight home…while sitting beside the gate. yes, your eyes do not deceive you, i was sitting right. beside. the. gate. it will forever remain a mystery to me exactly how i managed to miss that plane, but thanks to a glossy new magazine, a warm cup of tea & a later flight i managed to keep my cool and still make it Raleigh in time for the weekend’s festivities.

KD picked me up from the airport & we were off to meet the rest of the gals at Coquette, a gorgeous little French bistro in Raleigh. had my phone not been completely lifeless, i would have documented the black & white checkered floor, high-top bar stools & globe-adorned chandeliers for you. take my word for it: ’twas magnifique. it was also quite magical to sit across the table from my best friend for the first time since September…it’s a safe bet i stared at her on multiple occasions “just because.”

from the restaurant our caravan headed to a townhouse nearby for a good ‘ol fashioned slumber party complete with junk food & lots of girl talk. perfect.

the lady of the night.

the lady of the night.


the Cupcake Shoppe outdid themselves...again.

Lauren kept watch over the candy apples (:

gifts galore.

Chels managed to open all of these in less than 10 min. record.

these two make a mean mint julep.

darling Brice struggled a bit towards the end...bless.

dearest Ernie, you da best. love, Bert.

Sunday dawned a bit too early — i’ve been going to a 5:00 service here in Nashville so i’ve gotten used to sleeping in — but knowing i was headed to the Summit was all the incentive i needed to pop right out of bed. sweet Lauren was darling enough to escort me to the 11:00 service and when my precious Jess tackled me with a hug in the middle of the front aisle i knew i was home. JD’s message also happened to be spot-on & i found myself thinking “well Lord, did you really send me across two states just to hear this? ” my answer: yes.

this one gives a mean hug. adore her.

a post-church lunch date w. Lauren and a surprise visit to see B.Dub started the afternoon off perfectly — seriously Lauren, it was wonderful spending the day with you! — and the day only got better when Haysie stopped in for a visit and one that included quite a bit of Carolina basketball talk. (: a little later after both bros returned home from work we had some quality sibling time that may or may not have involved me schooling them both in Wii bowling. victory & major love for my brothers.

Monday was Chels & Maddie day. we found bridesmaids jewelry & a rehearsal dinner dress during a quick trip through the mall. we stopped in for a visit at the chocolate factory and ended up staying 2 hours talking to our chocolate parents. we sketchily knocked on the front door of a super cute house up for rent.we ate at SHIKI SUSHI…i had been dreaming about this particular moment for weeks & i’m happy to report it more than lived up to expectation. we watched a pitiful national championship game in the company of good friends. we went to sleep at 1:00 AM & woke up at 5:00 AM to go to the airport.

all but that last little detail rounded out one of the most perfect weekends a girl could ask for & i returned to Nashville incredibly thankful for my Carolina and the sweet people who fill it.

and having Jordan’s pretty face waiting on me when i got off the plane in Music City was a blessing — our breakfast together at Noshville wasn’t too shabby either!


swiss & spinach.

part 2 of ‘a tale of two weekends’ is on its way. stay tuned.

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