Tuesday Tunes: Steve Moakler.

nekfaoidsnfel wejlkadvjaew — gracious me, i don’t quite know how to phonetically spell out the sounds/words that exploded from my mouth a few moments ago, so work with me here. after having just spent the last 45 min writing part two of my ‘tale of two weekends’ blog post (current working title: “the flat tire” — intrigued?) my wonderful web browser decided to crap out on me & in doing so flushed every last lovely word of said post down the proverbial drain. blah.

but i refuse to be a drama queen about the situation as life is far too short and wonderful to waste on such trivial things. but before i start to ramble and commence to preaching to the choir, let’s get on to the good stuff.

amidst the string of incoherent sounds rolling off my tongue a song by the talented Steve Moakler made its way to my ears via iTunes shuffle…jackpot. arriving just in time for Tuesday Tunes, Mr. Moakler’s musical charm worked its magic almost instantaneously. much obliged, sir.

over the last few months Steve has been sporadically debuting new songs — from his bedroom no less — and i must admit he hasn’t hit a wrong note yet (not that i’m expecting him to or anything. promise.). it takes a certain confidence & an even greater trust to invite people into your personal space and openly share your work with them. were i a singer i don’t think i would be able to do it…but seeing as that my version of singing amounts to nothing but a “joyful noise” we’ll thankfully never know.

for now i’ll gladly let the pro do all the singing. ladies & gents, Steve Moakler live from his bedroom…

Her: she can’t see me with her eyes or her mind, but her heart reads me loud and clear — good stuff.

Play You Down: a little country flavor — Kelly, your pal Jeb has some mad skills of his own!

You Will Find Me: technically this is Andrew Ripp’s song, but Steve co-wrote & his voice on this acoustic version solidifies it as one of my all-time favorites…so there.

speaking of bedrooms, why am i still awake in mine? i foresee a rough morning in the very near future. happy listening, kids.

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