a tale of two weekends: part 2.

we shall call this chapter: “the flat tire.

this past weekend i had the pleasure of introducing Jon to Nashville — he arrived late Thursday night and the adventure began immediately when i missed our exit on the interstate and we ended up on a late night tour of the city during our very roundabout way home. talk about a lovely mistake, the city lights were gorgeous.

Friday morning we met sweet Jordan at Edgehill Cafe for breakfast before heading into the Mocha Club offices to work for a few hours — yep, i put my dear twin to work & what a treat it was to laugh with him and the MC staff all day long!

from the office we headed to over to 12th South, one of my favorite parts of Nash, for popsicles at Las Paletas and a walk through Sevier Park — had my blueberry chocolate chip & J’s mexican caramel pops not begun to melt instantaneously i would have snapped a photo. instead it was a battle to beat the drips and get a majority of the popsicles in our mouth. there’s nothing like a little dessert before dinner!

it was a gorgeous evening so we headed to Whiskey Kitchen for dinner & ate outside on the back patio — obsessed with the red & white checkered napkins served with each meal.  whiskey kitchen.

a post dinner showing of True Grit — Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld are incredible — followed by a little late night fro yo at Sweet CeCe’s rounded out a wonderful day.sweet ceces

our food journey continued Saturday morning when we met Ms. Rachel at the Phunky Griddle for breakfast! despite the fact i couldn’t use my Groupon as planned, our breakfast of french toast was dee. lish …. compliments to the chefs (; beginning.


after breakfast the bro and i enjoyed some down time before loading up and hitting the road towards Memphis and the KINGS OF LEON concert!!! too bad we weren’t on the road 30 min before a bump + popping sound signaled we had our first ever flat tire — how appropriate that it happened while we were together. thank goodness for gorgeous weather and the company of my twin or else it would have been a long 1.5 hrs waiting on AAA.  stranded.

by the time we got back on the road we knew we had just enough time to make it the remaining 2 hrs to Memphis just in time for KOL to take the stage. i do believe i personally willed time to stop on several occasions in hopes that we wouldn’t miss a single song…and we didn’t.  after parking and racing into the arena we were relieved to find  we hadn’t missed a thing (except the opening act…oops) and even had a few minutes to spare.

from the moment the Kings took the stage i was mesmerized — the definition of rock stars, their show was spotless from start to finish. they played my favorite “Pickup Truck,”  J’s favorite “Notion” and the world’s favorite “Use Somebody,” but it was “Immortal” that really got the crowd going…if you’ll recall i chose this particular song as part of my top 10 songs of 2010 for its anthem-esque quality. i for one sang along with great enthusiasm…and yes, there may have been some serious head bobbing taking place too. Immortals.


perhaps it was adrenaline talking…or maybe exhaustion…but i found myself asking J on the way home “did we really just see the Kings?” — what a crazy, crazy 10 hrs of rock’n’roll and one flat tire. at 2:30 am we pulled back into Nashville with happy hearts and heavy eyes…one of the best nights ever.

twin love.

so thankful for yet another incredible weekend of great memories and quality time with my twin — headed home to NC again this weekend for THE wedding of the year…stay tuned for the details, they promise to be good!


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