birthday lovin’: rutherford.

you know that friend that never fails to put a smile on your face or give you the giggles? that friend that you can never be anything but wonderfully happy when you’re with them? for me, that’s my rutherford — but you can call her hayes.

haysie and I met junior year at Carolina. i had heard her name mentioned by others for over a year as we had quite a few mutual friends, yet she & i had never officially met. when we had a class together in the J-School it seemed the time had come…not so much. for nearly the entire semester we sat one row apart from each other and never spoke — then one day sweet hayes decided to move up a row and sit beside me…and as the saying goes, the rest was history.

we sporadically kept in touch throughout the summer before senior year & i had a sneaky suspicion we were on our way to becoming the best of friends. i’m blessed to say i was correct (:

one of my favorite qualities of hayes is her genuine excitement over life — she makes even the smallest things seem so important & you can’t help but get excited simply because she’s excited…it’s contagious. and talk about feeling loved, hayes knows how to make a girl feel special. she also happens to LOVE Carolina basketball as much as i do & i look forward to years & years ahead of texting back and forth with her during games. our mutual tar heel love runs deep.

another quality of haysie’s that i adore: the way she loves to spend time with people. whether it’s road trips to disney world or nashville, study dates at caribou over our favorite tea lattes, or  hitting the movie theater for the latest chick flick, haysie never fails to make me feel incredibly loved just by simply wanting to be in my presence….again, she knows how to make a friend feel special.

my darling rutherford, on this day i hope you know just how special YOU are & how much your friendship means to me. thank you for your enthusiasm for life, for always making me feel important & loved, for hilarious e-mails that make me laugh out loud, for loving my family like they were your own, for obliging my obsession for icedreams & eating them with me,  & for adoring Tim Riggins almost as much as i do. wink

you are wonderful beyond words & how blessed i am to have you in my life. bring on the chick flicks, road trips, basketball games & all the many little moments in life that await our presidential duo…can not wait to enjoy them all with you!

so much love today & everyday.  always, James.

presidential duo.

one of my all time favorite pictures (:

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