birthday lovin’: KD.

it started around a beautiful slab of granite. it was a conversation marked with incredible honesty and openness. we talked about our hopes. we talked about our dreams. we talked about our flaws.  we talked about our fears.

it was the kind of conversation that the best of friendships are built upon; and on a spring night four years ago, i knew standing across the granite table from KD that she and i were on our way to being life-long friends.

to know kelly is to know passion and grace and beauty in human form. she emulates a quiet strength i often think she’s unaware of, and don’t even get me started on how much she inspires and strengthens my creative heart. if ever i have a semi-crazy idea or a far-fetched dream i’m too scared to share with others, i always know i have a precious kindred spirit who will not look at me like i have a few screws loose but instead will be the first one in my corner whispering in my ear you can do it, you can do it!

it’s this incredible support and encouragement that i most treasure about my darling KD. very few people are blessed to experience such genuine friendship & this has become increasingly more real to me over the last few years as i’ve met countless new people, none of whom have a KD in their lives. what do people do without someone to be their sounding board or someone to share their crazy whims with? i’m grateful to say i’ll never know.

my gorgeous friend, my favorite red-head, my darling KD…the words above do not even begin to come close to expressing the gratitude and joy that comes with having you in my life. thank you for thinking a lowly little sophomore across the granite table worthy of your friendship & for investing in her life every day since. thank you for reminding her how much she loves dance and art and music, and for showing her how to make them a vital part of who she is. thank you for reminding her that it’s ok to be confused and lost and broken…and that her darkest moments of doubt only make His light all the more stunning. thank you for letting her ramble her heart out and listening to every single word, even the ones that don’t make sense. thank you for laughing at her jokes and making her feel important. thank you for overlooking her faults and for loving her despite them.

thank you for being the living, breathing definition of friend.

she loves you. she loves you a lot. happy birthday to YOU! always, Moo.

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