i have yet to find the adequate time needed to sit down and recap my glorious time back in NC last week — weddings, family, sunshine — so much goodness to share. so much in fact that i’ve honestly been a little overwhelmed by the prospect of sitting down & putting my emotions into words. an epic post will come eventually…promise.

for now: a whole lot of joy was swirling around on Saturday April 16th when my best friend married her boy. the following little collection of shots are from the evening’s photobooth. talk about FUN — yours truly had the pleasure of going to Party City & buying up all kinds of wonderful “props” to add to Kelly’s already stellar stash — throw in a bunch of super awesome wedding guests & you’ve got yourself a good, good time.

a few of my prized picks of the wedding party posse & favorite guests follow. they make my heart smile & have me wishing we could all be back together again.

such a bummer the night had to come to an end. but thank goodness for one special couple, a group of incredible friends old & new, and a whole lot of funny photos.

all smiles.

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