Feel-good Friday: back from hibernation.

i dared not even look to see how long it has been since a Feel-good Friday post has come down the pipe…all i know is it has been far, far too long.

but alas, feel-goods & fridays both still exist & i’m extra jazzed to be bringing you a long awaited fresh batch today!

shall we begin?

that’s a wrap: these reusable fabric gift wraps from Chewing the Cud are brilliant…a bevy of cute designs + soft organic cotton = wonderfully reusable time and time again!

knot worthy: perfect with white jeans and a breezy summer top, these knot bracelets by Tanya Aguiniga are woven and dipped-dyed by hand…i am all over that luscious lime.

eight-eyes: in the original Design Sponge post i spotted this photo all attention was directed towards the DIY-savvy headboard — as for me, i only had eyes for those pillows! pun totally intended.  i’ve always been a bit partial to glasses but my near-perfect vision doesn’t require a pair of my own — but please believe if i wore glasses myself i would not hesitate to own this quirky pair of pillows. would one of you fabulous bespectacled individuals scoop them up for me?

family tree: old fashioned photos printed on cotton leaves…please tell me you can visualize a rustic tree painted on the wall with these “photo” leaves pinned along the branches. that’s a family tree i could hang with.

sail away: these place card/seat holders are positively darling — they were originally used here for a luncheon of sorts — but might i propose a table laden with sand buckets & shovels, fishbowls of bubbly water and lots of shells. add a host of precious kiddos around the table decked out in sailor hats & you’ve got yourself one cute birthday party.

a ring thing: my favorite accessories (not including shoes) have always been rings. i love a little something on one’s digits. so when i spotted these two quirky pieces by melanie favreau…surprise, surprise…i was immediately smitten.

spotted fever: come to me now you amazing little chest & bring with yee all of your polka dotted glory. [via glitterguide]

challenge: very much liking the idea of trying this out…

it only takes one: this video was recently brought to my attention again & i was reminded once more of how much i love it — i want to be like this fella.

now go have yourself a little dance party of your own…
even if means you are the only one dancing.

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