april 29, 2011.

you guessed it! i was one of the silly people who woke up before the sun on Friday morning to watch Prince William marry his bride. and while i don’t particularly support the international frenzy this wedding has brought about, i’ll be the first to admit it was a wonderful treat to experience such a historical moment as it was unfolding live.

and while my future wedding will look absolutely, positively nothing like that of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, there were a few details about the royal wedding that i quite liked…

kate’s lace & sparkle: loved that the Duchess went with long lace sleeves for dress #1. true elegance.and then added a bit of modern sparkle around the waist in dress #2.

pippa’s buttons: as the saying goes…it’s all in the details. absolutely adored the buttons on pippa’s sleek sheath.

brotherly love: i got a kick out of sweet Harry & the way he chatted with anyone & everyone he was close to throughout the ceremony… he was particularly charming in the way he made his big bro laugh as the two walked into Westminster. 

the getaway car: go ahead and call me a sap, but i loved how the newlyweds getaway car was decorated in playful balloons (including a W & C) & a JU5T WED license plate. royals can be cheesy too (:

bishop of london: Rev. Richard Chartress, the Bishop of London did an amazing job delivering the homily…he had me hooked instantly with “Be who God meant you to be & you will set the world on fire…” what an opener!

at the present i am taking bets on how long it will take for all of the post-wedding chatter to die down. a week, a month?

a momentous day, for sure, but here’s to hoping Wills & Kate are able to live a married life far less “public” then their wedding day!

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