Tuesday Tunes: The Low Anthem.

this weekend my friend hillary texted me from jazz fest in new orleans and informed me i needed to check out the low anthem.

because hillary is someone whose musical taste i highly respect, i wasted no time hopping on iTunes and giving them a listen — she’s good. i also discovered they would be the opening act for MUMFORD & SONS when i see them in raleigh the beginning of june (eeeeeeeek).

while not every song from their last two albums is a winner in my book, i will admit to being utterly impressed by the range of sound the low anthem pulls off. from slow and somber to foot-stomping jams, each and every song is drenched in a bluesy folk that i oddly like. yes, i was surprised myself at how much i liked them. so take my advice and listen with an open mind…perhaps you’ll surprise yourself too.

from their sophomore album oh my god, charlie darwin

to ohio: clarinet + harmonica + cello…um, yes please.

the horizon is a beltway: obsessed with this song…and i know it shall be brilliant live. 

and from their newest album smart flesh

dreams can chase you down: forgive the cheesy video…the song is quite soothing, aye?

have a swell day, friends.

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