bicycle built for two.

good golly, miss molly — i am over the flippin’ moon about the following wedding. it is without a doubt one of the most creative and precious things i’ve ever seen…seriously obsessed.

you can read the entire “story” right here. for now, i’ll attempt to touch on the highlights & do my best to keep from drooling while i do so.

the invitations: made to look like books complete with a library card holder in the inside cover — tucked inside: an engagement photo of the couple & “special instructions” to dress to impress, but wear comfortable clothes. the surprise: upon heading out of the church after the wedding ceremony guests were greeted by rows and rows of rented bikes. with a table of “supplies” near by and an invitation to get creative, guests spent some time decorating their new rides before taking off on an adventure!

picnic perfect: the bride and groom led the processional on their tandem bike to a local park where a yummy picnic lunch awaited guests. after soaking up a few rays & munching on picnic fair (off of CUTE recycled trays), the crew packed up and road to a local ice-cream shop where each guest received a coupon to create their own custom ice-cream sandwhich — adorable.

rainbow toast: the bike bergade mounted their rides one last time and headed over to a botanical garden where a rainbow of streamers and flutes of sparkling cider awaited guests to toast the happy new couple.

and AS IF it could get any better….it does.

putt-putt: later in the evening a slightly more traditional reception was held for the guests…sort of. in lieu of a typical dance floor and dj, derek & rebecca opted on a personalized, 6-hole mini golf course handmade by the bride’s dad instead. each hole told a little piece of the couple’s story  and guests used handmade putters crafted by the father of the bride. PRESH.

talk about a HOLE IN ONE. perfection from start to finish.

3 responses to “bicycle built for two.

  1. OMG! Where do people come up with these ideas! Too, too cute.

  2. You find the neatest and most inspiring things to share Maddy… love to check out your blog just to see what surprise is in store. As it turns out, this grandma heard Adele for the first time on your blog. Now, I was in a store the other day and suddenly I heard her.. “Rolling in the Deep” song and realized its ok to love great music at any age. Hope you have a great weekend…Aunt Wobin

  3. Oh my gosh. LOVE this!!

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