Tuesday Tunes: musical squares.

a little twist on Tuesday Tunes this week…

my super fab friend Hillary (she shared the low anthem last week — such a rockstar) passed along this link in an e-mail a few weeks ago…in her defense she did warn me by saying “i’ve been playing this for the last 20 minutes,”…however i was no where near prepared for the joy that awaited.

i give you, musical squares.

upon opening this link one is greeted by a grid of blank squares…like this:

what then? you might be asking. prepare yourself…you’re on your way to being the next master mixer. by simply clicking on individual squares and turning them white you begin creating a unique tonal rhythm — if a certain square adds a note that doesn’t please your ear, simply click it again to unhighlight it & continue crafting your beat. seriously, kids, it’s addictive.

my favorite “mix” thus far looks a little something like this…

so consider this your warning: open the above link with caution AND please only do so if you have a few minutes of your day to “waste” smiling & dancing & discovering how talented you are.

happy creating.

{Hill & I acting like  major goofballs. sorry ’bout it.}

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