this precious little photo just arrived in my inbox & i couldn’t resist sharing.

for years & years my amazing parents sat through countless recitals & special productions just to watch me dance for a few minutes…or stand center-stage & scratch my arms & legs as i did during my early years in the business (darn sequined outfits!).  and even now, 10 years after my own dancing days came to an end, they’re still going to recitals & supporting another little lady — my incredibly talented, wonderfully charming, beautiful cousin ellis (:

it turns my heart to mush just thinking about my sweet mom & dad sitting front row at my own future childrens’ dance recitals & sporting events…i’ll forever be one very blessed daughter.

ok, ok, i’m done being sappy now. but really, can you blame a girl for loving her parents?

2 responses to “recital.

  1. I’ll have to add that they are both very photogenic! Great picture of these three together. We all laughed til we cried watching the little ones as you reminded us… scratching… standing immobile, even pushing… what a hoot and what a delight. I hope to be a part of the crowd when your little ones dance too… always been one of my favorite things.. dancing.

  2. Oh Miss! You can bet we will be “front row center” at every opportunity to love and support those future children you and Lad are blessed with. Love you sweet child.

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