Tuesday Tunes: odds and ends.

one of these days we will return to our traditional tuesday tunes format in which a single artist is introduced and his/her/their songs are shared — with several long-awaited full lengths coming out in the coming weeks and months ahead, there’s a chance that might happen sooner rather than later. again, one of these days.

but as of late i’ve been doing a lot of bouncing around between random songs by a hodge podge of artists…and i must admit, it’s kind of working for me.

a few for you today…

and the birds sing: sunshine and birds singing w. a healthy dose of soul — please smile while listening.

pumped up kicks: it took me quite a few listens to get behind foster the people…for now their quirky mix of synthesized indie pop has won me over. 

hey mama: good grief. if it were possible to break the repeat button i would have already successfully done just that. beyond pumped for kearney’s new album. {give it till the :11 mark}

happy tuesday to you and yours.

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