birthday lovin’: haley.

to my soul friend,
who asks just as many questions as i do.
who composes my favorite e-mails.
who feels deeply & loves whole-heartedly.
who readily admits when she’s unsure & confused.
who reminds me that it’s ok to be broken.
who believes in hope & redemption & grace.
who loves music & words.
who loves adventure.
who loves her Lord.
who loves me…someone with whom she’s only spent a collective 10 hrs with.

happy, happy birthday!

my darling hales, you snuck into my life rather unexpectedly & never left. how unbelievably grateful i am for our quirky little friendship that could only exist between the dearest of friends. sending abundant joy & laughter & balloons straight to you on this day so worthy of celebrating how wonderful you are!  
so much love, me.

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