Tuesday Tunes: Parachute.

fresh off the release of their sophomore album, the guys of parachute are flying high — and by that i mean high on the charts.

their latest release is an eclectic mix of upbeat, feel-good tunes and soulful, laid-back ballads — but what i love most about parachute’s music is that, regardless of the tempo, each song is packed with purposeful, story-telling lyrics…and maybe it’s just me, but i love when a song so easily becomes a movie playing out in my mind. agreed?

and i can’t dote on the gentlemen of parachute without also mentioning that they are one of mocha club’s treasured artist (they support clean water — check it) & have been rocking out on the road for our precious friends in Africa. fact: whenever the band comes up in conversation around the office nothing but glowing words are said.

when you know the heart of those behind the music, you can’t help but love their music all the more. i sincerely hope you get to know these guys just a little bit and in return discover a few new tunes to love.

in order to get the ball rolling, please allow me to bombard you with a few of my personal favorites (:

white dress: i wanna love you more, than all of the things you wanted, than all of the things you’re not… 

what i know: my new favorite — mmm, i think so.

something to believe in: a stellar first single is key…

she is love: an oldy but goody…this acoustic version makes the ‘ol ticker go pitter, patter.

end note: i’m blaming the guys for naming their band parachute which subsequently makes me think of skydiving…which i really want to do. like yesterday. thanks a lot.

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