birthday lovin’: momma.

when i was growing up my mom used to talk to her mom, my amazing mamaw, on a daily basis. i distinctly remember thinking to myself on multiple occasions what do they talk about every day?

my adolescent brain couldn’t quite comprehend how a mother and daughter’s relationship could develop into a special friendship. i simply had no clue.

and then i grew up. and while i will forever be my mother’s daughter, what an incredible gift it has been the last several years of my life to develop my own special friendship with my mom. i say without the slightest embellishment of the truth…she is my best friend.

although i recognized it to a degree in high school, it wasn’t until college that i truly began to understand how special my relationship with my mom was. as i observed other mother/daughter relationships i began to see a marked difference between those and the one i shared with my own. yes, momma and i occasionally disagree, but never to the point where we raise our voices with one another. yes, momma and i occasionally annoy one another, but never to the point where we would avoid communication. i was quite honestly baffled at how vastly different many mother/daughter relationships were as i caught glimpses into those around me.

which got me to thinking even more about my own mom. i’ve known my entire life that she’s the best mom on the planet. i’ve known my entire life that she would do anything for me. i’ve known my entire life she would always be in my corner. and for much of my life, in the  selfish corners of my heart, i always thought my part of our relationship was equal to hers…that our special bond was a 50/50 street. so. not. true.

without my mom i wouldn’t be who i am today. without my mom i wouldn’t understand grace and compassion and the value of serving others. i wouldn’t understand hard work and dedication. and i most certainly wouldn’t understand humility and selflessness. without my mom i wouldn’t be worthy of being anyone’s friend, let alone deserving of the friendship i share with her.

and today, the first day of june, i am honored and privileged and blessed to celebrate the birthday of a beautiful woman whom i love with the entirety of my heart. my confidant, my cheerleader, my sounding board, my rock, my best friend.

my mom.

the tears have already started on this end as i sit here utterly overwhelmed with how blessed i am to call you mom. there simply are no words.

happy birthday, momma…today & everyday i celebrate YOU.

endless love & then some, miss.


ps: i get to see you soooooooon!

2 responses to “birthday lovin’: momma.

  1. What a precious gift Madison! Happy Birthday Sis!

  2. As the tears flow I am humbled by your words and sit in utter dismay as to how blessed I am to have such a precious and amazing daughter. Parenting you was pure joy and our friendship is shear delight. Thank you for the touching expression of love on my birthday. Not until you have children of your own will you have any idea how much I love you. Counting the days until you are “home” …..

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