radio silence.

for the past 72+ hrs yours truly had no internet service…and i survived. as someone who is quick to admit that i am beyond attached to the internet, this past weekend was a much needed reminder of how wonderful life is despite the endless perks of technology.

when without a connection of the wireless variety…one can:
read an entire book & watch 4 movies.
go on sweat inducing walks & lounge by the pool.
make delicious salads & eat peanut m&ms.
scavenge through goodwill & paint a $7 lamp watermelon pink.
meet new people & catch up with the dearest of old friends.
daydream. a lot.
sit quietly.
sing loudly.
laugh obnoxiously. at herself.

one can quickly be reminded that there is a lot of life to be lived on the other side of a computer screen. and that, friends, is a beautiful reminder.

so i hereby commit to taking regular breaks from my good buddy the internet & highly recommend you do the same. yes?

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