next big thing.

take a short walk with me down memory lane to the day i shared with you Al’s plans to win vh1 &’s battle of the bands in support of music education.

newsflash: HE. WON.

that’s right, mr. mask, with the help of an incredible support team of talented friends, submitted the winning video for the battle of the bands competition. (note: over 20,000 young people participated in submitting videos.) a trip to the big apple, a live performance at dosomething’s kick-off event, and most recently, the newly released winning song on iTunes, have made it safe to say that allen mask is the next big thing.

you can watch allen’s live performance here! (37 min mark)
and see mr. mask’s post-concert interview here!

and if you remember nothing at all from the words written here, i do so hope you will remember this: the heart of the man behind the music beats for others — allen believes wholeheartedly in the importance of saving arts education in our schools. he believes we have the power to create change and to bring hope. he believes a single song can change the course of history.

and i believe in him.

it’s an incredible privilege to know both the man and the musician. and it’s a truly special thing to watch the two come together as one of the most upstanding individuals you could ever hope to meet.

allen mask is the real deal, folks, and he’s well on his way to accomplishing great things. i for one am thrilled to tag-along for the ride.

now get yourself on over to iTunes and pick up allen’s new single.
{consider it your ticket to join the ride.}

and because it’s worthy of yet another showing…the winning video.

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