birthday lovin’: daddy.

when i think of my daddy i immediately think of laughter…the kind that fills your entire soul and touches your toes. in many ways it was my dad who taught me how to laugh and make others laugh, and goodness, there are few things in life i love more than laughing.

when i think about my daddy i also think of security…the kind that allows you to dream big and go confidently after those very dreams. my dad has been my constant “corner man” in the ring of life…knowing when to dish out advice, when to stand back and allow me to make tough decisions, and when to simply cheer me on in the way only a daddy can.

and then there’s adventure & healthy competition. i rode the tower of terror with my dad at  age 7 and have been a thrill seeker every day sense. when i piped up from the back seat one evening over the holidays about wanting to jump out of a plane, instead of looking at me like i was crazy pops chimed in with interest of doing the same. (might i add momma responded with: i don’t want to know about this if it ever happens.) and let me tell you, you haven’t experienced putt-putt until you hit the strip at the beach with the Hipp family…we once played 9 full rounds in 3 days time…and yes, i always held my own and won on a number of occasions.

there’s also the way he manages to be on constant call for any and all “emergencies.” a broken toy, homework problems, car troubles, house troubles, etc…he’s my favorite handyman and to this day i still don’t know how he knows so much stuff.

but more than anything, when i think about my daddy i think about his love…the kind that overwhelms me with its humility and gentleness. a love that comes from the Father and on which my dad built the foundation of our family. a love that isn’t afraid to be shown in public. a love that daily works for the good of those he loves, expecting nothing in return.

when i think about my daddy, i am left without words to express the love that flows right back to him. it’s simply impossible.

happy birthday to the greatest man i know.

loving you fiercely today and everyday. always, Miss.


3 responses to “birthday lovin’: daddy.

  1. When your mom said that I may want to check out your blog today, all of a sudden I was a little kid again and it was Christmas morning. I barely made it past the first paragraph before the tears started flowing, and I had to stop several times before I could finish because the screen was a blur. Now, re-reading it again several hours later and still more tears of joy. (I imagine I will looked at it a few more time between now and next June 11). When my thoughts turn to you and Lad; immense pride, laughter and yes, tears of joy are all equal possibilities.

    Can’t wait to give you a hug in a few days.

    the luckiest dad i know,

    ps I heart you too

  2. Heartwarming Madison.. .and so true.. your ability to express your feelings about those you love is a beautiful gift. It doesn’t hurt that they are all amazing people. I agree you are a blessed young woman. Your mom and dad have done an amazing job!

    Happy Birthday to your dad from a grateful sister in law! I’ve been the recipient of your Dad’s willingess to help others. So I wish him the best coming year ever!
    Aunt Wobin

  3. Jody Shaughnessy

    Beautiful entry Madison. Your mom sent me a link to your blog several months back. Everytime I read it can hear your voice and feel your energy coming through. It is no surprise to me that you are gifted writer. I knew that back in 4th grade. Hope you have a great summer.

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