tuesday tunes: currently playing…

it’s hard to believe i’ve been back in NC for almost a week…so many sweet memories and wonderful moments have already been cataloged…and to think there are still so many people i get to see in the coming few days, my heart is honestly a bit overwhelmed by it all.

have i told you lately how much i love my home state and all the people who fill it? the answer: a whole stinkin’ lot.

for the last several days i’ve had a pretty consistent soundtrack going on in my head…ie: i’ve been listening to the same 5ish songs over and over again.

welcome to the soundtrack of my mind…

every teardrop is a waterfall: good ‘ol coldplay, they know how to release one fine single. and when the base beat kicks in at 1:07 i may or may not crank the volume to obnoxious levels.

fast car: i love working w. my pal skyler at the chocolate factory because he never fails to introduce me to some new song i inevitably fall in love with. our opening shift last week found me replaying this song over and over again on his ipod.

lover’s eyes: i’ve shared it before…but friends, i can’t help but share it again. the 4:08 mark has quickly become one of my favorite moments in music, and last week when seeing the gentlemen live in concert, my eyes definitely filled with tears. holy. cow.

take my hand, help me on my way….

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