birthday lovin’: a.rob.

to avoid potential confusion, i think it best to explain from the beginning that a. rob is actually anna simpson, formerly anna robinson from which a.rob or “rob” comes from. even a year after her becoming mrs. simpson i still can’t seem to shake my need to call her a.rob…thus it shall be what i call her for the rest of our days (:

now that we have that cleared up, the more important matter at hand is that today is my darling a.rob’s birthday — the youngest of the bunch has finally joined the rest of us in our 23rd year!!!

rob & i met towards the end of our sophomore year of college, but it wasn’t until nearly a year later during second semester of junior year that we truly clicked & i knew she would be a life-long friend.

before meeting rob i used to think i was a pretty bold, blunt individual — if i was thinking/feeling something it wouldn’t take long for it to be painted across my face…but then i met a.rob. and let me tell you, there are few people who express their emotions so openly & honestly like my sweet rob. there is something so incredibly refreshing about being around someone like rob who so willingly shares how she feels & in doing so allows you to do the same — which might explain why whenever i’m with her i find myself spilling my guts (:

and if ever there were a quality of a.rob’s that i treasure more than the way she wears her heart on her sleeve, it’s the way she fiercely seeks to be a part of my life & all of those around her. there were numerous times senior year while living in “little house” that anna would come into mine & ashley’s room just so she could be with us and not miss out on spending time with us…even if ash & i were both doing work and hadn’t spoken a word to each other in over an hour. a small, rather insignificant example, but one that so exemplifies the way a.rob truly invests in the lives of others — how i wish i could be more like her in that regard, to love people so much that i simply couldn’t imagine not being in the same room with them.

in the past year i’ve had the incredible privilege of watching a.rob wear her emotions and fiercely love another person within an entirely new role in life…that of a wife. after hearing rob talk about marriage and all of the intricate parts of marriage, i quite often find myself in awe of her wisdom & truly grateful to have such a steadfast example of what it means to be a wife in the good times, bad times, and every day in between. oh boy, i can only imagine our future conversations together when we start comparing “husband” stories!

my darling rob, i hope you know today & everyday what a special gift you are in my life. thank you for being an open book and so willingly sharing your heart with others. thank you for striving to be a part of my life even during the times i’m undeserving of such a loyal friend. thank you for your continuous support and for letting me pour out my heart and over-analyze my emotions…but even more so, for speaking into those emotions and for loving me despite my not so lovely qualities. thank you also for burning grilled cheese sandwiches, throwing “bags” out into the snow, and not knowing the name of the county in which you live (crucial for tornado warnings).

you are wonderful beyond words & so deserving of the most spectacular of days — sending endless love your way today and everyday! loving you, maddie.

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