i love so you think you can dance. it’s my favorite show.


this incredible performance floored me.


impeccable moment after impeccable moment. what an absolute joy to experience this gorgeous piece of art over the weekend after i finally started catching up on sytycd. i seriously clapped & gasped & mentally freaked out the whole way through.

and yes, please believe my eyes absolutely swelled with tears when the music surged at the 1:14 mark. it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this stunner ends up being my favorite piece from the entire season…wow.


3 responses to “floored.

  1. Yes, this is one of my favorites… the other was I think called Moth’s Wings. Loved the colors and playfulness of it. Thanks again for sharing some beauty here. I always love to come for a visit. Aunt Wobin

  2. Did you see the ballroom champions do Calypso tonight? Oh my goodness… amazing!

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