birthday lovin’: janae.

there are few people in this world whose hearts blow me away like my precious janae — i’m not kidding when i say she might even have the sweetest heart of anyone i know. and you’ll just have to take my word for that.

i met janae back in october of last year when i made a little trip down to wilmington to visit jenna. from the moment i met jenna i essentially met janae; they are the best friends & i knew i would adore janae before i even met her in person. and yes, when we did finally meet face to face it was in fact an instant adoration.

but even more so than our instant connection, i believe the thing i most treasure about my friendship with janae is the way our friendship has slowly and steadily deepened — the old adage of “getting better with age” is so very true. i also never cease to be amazed at how incredibly alike we are in the way our hearts deal with pain and confusion and disappointment…we process things in an eerily similar way.

and speaking of hearts, i believe i said hers was one of the sweetest i know…and i think i would be pretty safe in saying a big ‘ol chunk of her heart has made itself at home amongst the precious people of haiti. janae has spent quite a bit of time in haiti this year and i do believe i will one day be voyaging to the island myself so i can visit her and meet the people who have so captured her heart.

you see, this is precisely why janae’s heart is one of the greatest i know, it is one of selflessness and compassion and devotion to others. where the Lord leads janae’s heart, there janae will follow. she has been such an inspiration and a blessing to me throughout these last few months as i’ve watched her struggle and grow and blossom and explode with joy over her new “home away from home.”

she is also often wise beyond her years but at the same time never too afraid to admit when she doesn’t know what to do or where to go next — she is a living, breathing example of living life by faith…and gracious, how the Lord has used her in my life as a reminder to live the exact same way.

but today i must wish janae the happiest of birthdays from hundreds of miles away. and though i wish like anything i could be with her in person eating cappucino ice cream at kilwin’s or treating her to a cup of joe (she’s addicted. seriously.) at port city java, it’s quite comforting to know her heart reads me loud and clear, and distance is merely but a number of miles.

my darling janae, thank you for being a brilliant light in my life. thank you for your honesty and openness, and for reminding me that it’s ok to feel and feel deeply. thank you for your ears that are always ready to listen…even when i ramble uncontrollably…and for your words that always seem to be exactly what i need to hear. thank you for walking with eyes focused on Him and with steps willing to go wherever He leads.

have i told you lately how much i admire and respect and adore you…because if you haven’t already figured it out, it’s a whole stinkin’ lot.

sending the biggest and loudest HAPPY BIRTHDAY your way today along w. a massive air hug and a bucket of laughs!!! cannot wait to have our own celebration together the next time i get to see your face!!!

so. much. love. and then some – maddie.

ps: skype date. tonight. done & done.

this is janae. she’s the greatest. and i heart her a lot.




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