it’s been a while since i’ve made myself a ‘to-do’ list, but after the jumbled, all-over-the-place craziness of the last several weeks it’s high time i make myself a list and stick to it. would you care to keep me accountable?

the week ahead:
1. create a communication chart (photo proof to come later)
2. learn about the myers briggs personality test w. chels.
3. do some form of physical activity 3 different days.
4. finish one full book.
5. go to the farmer’s market.
6. try a new food.
7. read 2 chapters in radical.
8. paint fingernails pink.
9. order photo prints to frame/hang.

speaking of numero 9…this duo of photos brought major joy to my heart monday morning. my ceej has mad skills when it comes to editing photos and i do believe i will be framing both “edits” of this particular shot — 1) for my nightstand. 2) for my desk.

you’re a stunner, carly jo.


One response to “duo.

  1. You’re adorable and I would love to know what your com munications chart is. I too, have read about 5 chapters of Radical and that’s about it. I’d love to do lunch again sometime!! Holla! Stephanie M.

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