tuesday tunes: bon iver.

yes, i know, i’m totally a day behind in the week…forgive me? time was not on my side monday so this week’s tuesday tunes was not formed until tuesday night.

but as the old adage goes: better late than never.

for a couple years now i’ve had several friends rave about bon iver (pron: bon e-vair) but i myself could never seem to jump on the bandwagon; i simply couldn’t get behind frontman justin vernon’s voice. the band recently released their second full-length album, the self-titled bon iver, a few weeks ago and upon first listen i still didn’t get what all the rage was about. to be quite frank: i didn’t like it.

now to borrow another piece of well used adage: what a difference a day makes.

one day i listened to the album and was not a fan in the least, and the very next day i was shouting its praises — what happened? i don’t even know myself. but i do know that i’ve been listening to the following songs on repeat every night for the past 10 days all the time wondering whose ears were attached to my head during my first listen. it seems it shall remain a mystery…

perth: a good 60% of this song is instrumental and i’m completely ok with that. the lone snare drum ushering in the lyrics later gives way to crashing symbols and gorgeous brass runs…i can’t get enough.

holocene: i’ve heard this one described as both effortless and timeless. i would agree with both.

towers: a little livelier than the others…sort of? perhaps saying it has a unique feel too it might be slightly more appropriate.

calgary: i know, i know, i’ve already shared this one, but it’s still SO good and i’m still a smidge obsessed.

i have to say it: bon voyage.

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