at long last.

there were several moments throughout the past two weeks when i seriously wondered if my beloved blog and i would ever be reunited. holy smokes. let me tell ya, it’s tough to keep up with all the latest and greatest when you’re only free time of the day falls between the hours of 11:00-midnight and you’re already struggling to stay awake.

alas, i managed to make it through unscathed and will intentionally be bumping down the craziness a few notches going into this next week.

so what does this mean? in short: I’M BACK. oh happy day!

and as is always the case in my life, i rely quite a bit on music to sing me from day to day, to keep me focused, to keep me calm, to keep me moving. a bit of a never-ending soundtrack, if you will. and this week so many wonderful new tunes and old favorites proved wonderful companions for my ears — perfect timing? i’ll say.

needtobreathe — we’re officially under the two month marker for the fellas’ next album. and the release of yet another song (slumber was the first) has me impatiently counting down the days…

demi lovato — sister has some serious pipes and so much strength and soul. she slays at 3:13…

boyce avenue — current fave from the boyce avenue boys.

matthew mayfield — his voice cuts straight to the core. and can we just talk about those two precious kiddos. i am a complete puddle on the floor when little man starts singing at the 3:00 min mark.

karmin — my guilty pleasure. sorry ’bout it.

ps: so happy to be back.

2 responses to “at long last.

  1. So glad you’re back! Total agreement – those delightful children with Mathew Mayfield – precious! Music quite delightful as well.

  2. As always you’ve brought inspiration to my day, Madison… thanks for sharing beautiful music, photos, thoughts, ideas,,, and beautiful you.

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