going gaga.

tonight lady gaga returns to the world of sytycd as a guest judge for this week’s top 8 performers…reaaaally curious to see how this will go down. she’s a lady of few words so what exactly will she say? hmmm, we shall see.

in the meantime, here are a few pieces from the last several weeks that have me going gaga over dance. i really do love it. and i really should figure out a way to get it physically back into my life.

prague — the top 7 guys blew me away with this piece by choreographer justin giles. a dance “in the round” = positively stunning.

just the way you are — though they were not one of my favorite couples, clarice and jess stole my heart with this lyrical hip hop piece by christopher scott <– he’s brilliant. and let’s be honest, boyce avenue providing the music helped a whole lot.

who you are — jordan’s legs are insane —  as is the choreography by dwight rhoden and desmond richardson. little moments like jordan’s rotating kick at :18 and moving aerial split-lift at :37-:39 are quirky tweeks that add so much depth to the whole piece. i love it even more every time i watch it…

ok ok, if i don’t stop now you’ll be watching youtube videos for hours…or maybe i’m the only one who does that?

happy wednesday, friends!

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