tuesday tunes: young love.

i gushed about mat kearney earlier this year — if you’ll recall, the man makes some of my favorite music ever and coming from me, that says a lot. my brother is as equally big a fan and together we’ve been counting down the days until young love so i was super excited to hear what J thought after his first listen (we both had the album ready for our morning drives to work!). i’ll simply say this: take it from the Hipp twins, you need to own this album.

young love is yet another sweet reminder of why i love music. it’s the way my heart swells at the mere sound of a melody and the way my eyes are prone to fill with the tears when beautiful lyrics wash over me. it’s how one song can literally alter the course of a day or make time stand still. it’s how a single song can unite a kaleidoscope of people  or mean thousands of different things to thousands of different people. it’s how you can’t sit still in your seat when a beat fills your ears or keep your head from bobbing to the rhythm even when you know others are watching.

it’s the way you smile the entire way through a song just out of sheer joy. which is precisely what the bro and i both did upon hearing ships in the night … without a doubt my favorite song from the new album.

nearly every song on the new album is backed with ridiculously wonderful beat combinations — and the driving beat of count on me is by far one of my favorites. it of course has already received its inaugural “driving with the windows down” test and passed with flying colors.

with the album just releasing it’s currently quite difficult to find any of the songs online to share with you here…case in point: chasing the light. please do yourself a favor and follow this little link and have your own listen — classic kearney spoken word verses + breezy chorus — and while you’re at it, just listen to the ENTIRE album and purchase it. i guarantee you won’t regret it.

i also guarantee i will be posting more songs as soon as they become available. until then,  i think it’s safe to say i’ll be playing them enough for all of us combined.


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