{www} c.s. lewis.

the brother and i have been reading c. s. lewis’ the great divorce together for the last week — it’s a slow process, we read a chapter or two then discuss what we’ve read during our phone dates throughout the week — but it has been such a joy to talk through lewis’ text with someone reading and experiencing his words at the same time.

because let’s be real for a moment, lewis is not one for writing in black & white; in fact, much of his brilliance is found in what i’ll call his thought provoking “words of grey.” i might read something one way and jon might read it completely different….ah yes, there in lies the beauty of discussion.

but every once in a while c.s. drops a black & white bomb that totally rocks my world — a sentence or paragraph that causes one to write “whoa” out beside it — which is precisely what i did with the below excerpt.

the scene: an intelligent, inquisitive “ghost” is talking with the “solid” person sent to escort him to Heaven.

i am perfectly ready to consider it [continuing on to Heaven]. of course i should require some assurances…i should want a guarantee that you are taking me to a place where i shall find a wider sphere of usefulness—and scope for the talents that God has given me–and an atmosphere of free inquiry…

“no, said the other. i can promise you none of these things. no sphere of usefulness: you are not needed there at all. no scope for your talents: only forgiveness for having perverted them. no atmosphere of inquiry, for i will bring you to the land not of questions but of answers, and you shall see the face of God.”

and it hit me, like a punch in the gut. i am not needed, but wanted. i can give nothing, but have been given more than i deserve. i will have no doubts or worries, but instead will be full of joy and peace. i will stand in the very presence of my Father.



2 responses to “{www} c.s. lewis.

  1. ah miss, you are wise beyond your years – pops

  2. leighann towell

    Madison, I so live your blog and this one was a particular blessing. I am not surprised at your many talents but I am amazed by them. You still have the sweetest heart! Much love to you!

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