g-chat gems.

for those of you who may not know, a 5.8 earthquake shook the east coast tuesday afternoon — as an east-coaster this was something i never thought would happen. hurricane irene, yes…an earthquake, no. while we felt nothing out here in nashville many of my friends and family in NC experienced their first (and what i hope will be their last) earthquake.

after receiving word of the quake i was more than eager to chat with two of my best friends who happened to be on g-chat. what follows are two golden nuggets from my conversations with chelsea and kelly that left me grinning and snickering the rest of the afternoon…

me:  um, earthquake?
chelsea:  what the heck
me:  did you feel it?
chelsea:  nope
i was in my car
and the guy on the radio was like whoa
we just felt this place shake during that last song
and i literally thought he meant it was like
a powerful song that metaphorically rocked him.

i proceeded to copy/paste the above text to send to kelly…

me:  oh my gosh — this just made me laugh so hard.
i literally will be laughing for days
kelly:  HAHA
knowing that makes me miss u bc i can hear your laugh and the way you wipe your eyes bc the laugh induced crying…

i love my friends.

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