tuesday tunes: prepare yourselves.

i just had one of the best weekends EVER complete with my favorite music, a road-trip and wonderful friends old and new  — a full post on the aforementioned greatness will come later — but for now i am nursing a bit of a fever/stuffy head combo and waiting on the benadryl i just took to kick in. there’s nothing like feeling a little icky to bring one swiftly back down to earth.

but you don’t really want to know about my sniffles & aches, now do ya? i didn’t think so.

what you MUST know. what you NEED to know. what you WANT to know (even though you may not yet know it) — is that NEEDTOBREATHE’s new album the reckoning has finally arrived!!

it’s ok to jump up & down like a youngin’…i did.

yours truly was able to snag one of the first 50 copies ever sold on friday night, 3 days before the official release (my arms might still be pink from pinching myself to make sure i wasn’t dreaming).

friends, there are no words for this album. i knew it would be incredible…those fine gentlemen aren’t capable of creating anything less…but even i couldn’t prepare myself for the true artistry that is the reckoning. i’ve already listened to the album all the way through 10+ times and each time i find myself landing on a new favorite. they’re all that good.

while it will take a while before each of the songs is  available to share with you on here — and yes, i can almost guarantee they will all eventually be shared — the first two singles slumber & drive all night are happy to serve as your initial introduction!

if ever you took my music taste seriously, please let it be today. this album & these gentlemen are what music is all about. passion. soul. honesty…and a heaping portion of good ‘ol rock ‘n roll. all of thee above would prove great additions to your life, i promise!

wake on up from your slumber, baby open up your eyes.
and go buy the reckoning. now.

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