a weekend to write home about…

a week ago today i had not a single plan for this past weekend outside of catching up on some serious sleep (multiple “can’t fall asleep” nights in a row = rough) & one evening of babysitting. a rather uneventful weekend to say the least.

oh me, oh my, little did i know…

                                                      friday night: t.swizzle.
let me tell you folks, nashville’s hometown girl knows how to put on a show. for over 2 hours glitter and fake snow fell from the heavens, dancers catapulted on stage from trap doors, aerialists dropped out of giant bells & twirled 20 feet above ground, a giant bridge appeared out of nowhere, and miss taylor never missed a beat.  i smiled from start to finish, sang along to every word and screamed with glee multiple times. — i’m 23…so what?

a giant crystal tree + a ukulele = taylor slowing it down a bit.

sparks were flying…

                                bonus: CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY.
the NEEDTOBREATHE boys started the evening off with a stellar performance (as if i expected anything less) AND mentioned that just that morning they had received the first physical copies of their new album — wait for it, wait for it — and would be selling them after the show. I NEARLY FAINTED. for months i had been counting down the days till september 20th when the album was slated to drop and suddenly i had one of the first 50 copies ever sold in my own two hands.

                                        saturday: chattanooga.
with the NEEDTOBREATHE fellas singing me down the road, i set off for chattanooga saturday morning to rendezvous with hayes…aka rutherford b. the two of us hadn’t seen each other in almost 4.5 months so it proved to be the sweetest of reunions and one incredibly gorgeous day. we dined al fresco. we strolled across a giant bridge and in & out of cute shops. we licked on ice-cream cones. we watched brothers & sisters on netflix. and we laughed, a lot. what a blessing just to spend time with one of my dearest friends simply enjoying each others’ company.

we loved this sign we spotted in super cute store, blue skies.

ice cream at clumpies + tractor seats for our tooshies.

we are forever tar heels…spotting this made our day.

                                         sunday: secret show.
i managed to snag a few hours sunday afternoon to get some work done and have a little cat-nap before heading out again to babysit — why am i including babysitting in this glorious weekend review? — because i absolutely love the 5 klein kids, we made s’mores and watched ramona & beezus…that’s a great night.

but it got even better when i jetted straight from their house to downtown for NEEDTOBREATHE’s secret show. 300 tickets sold out in less than 30 min & i managed to secure one of my very own (it helps to have an awesome friend “in the know” — i owe you, sam!). the guys have played several of these secret shows (they announce a show & sell tickets 24 hrs before the show) while on tour with taylor and i knew they couldn’t not do one in music city! i haven’t seen the guys live in almost a year so my NEEDTOBREATHE quota was at an all time low — they didn’t disappoint. it was quite clear from the start it had been a while since the guys had truly been able to rock out on stage and we the people were happy to oblige them the opportunity to do just that. there were moments i thought my eardrums might literally burst. there were moments i couldn’t wipe the cheesy grin off my face even if i had wanted to. there were moments when the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. without a doubt some of the best live music one could ever see.

an acoustic rendition of stand by me closed out the evening…

care to see a snippet from the show? go here.
(it just so happens to be of my favorite bridge of any song. ever.)


what a weekend. what a weekend.

One response to “a weekend to write home about…

  1. Hi hippm its been decent browsing your site and simply just thought I would say bless you and wished I could write like that.

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